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GeoQO is an Open Source project which means that anyone can contribute and help with the project if they wish too and everyone will benefit.

Helping out with the geoqo project does not require knowing how to write code. There are a number of things that require little or know knowledge of how to write code. If you're interested in helping out on any of these, let Yamar (yamar ATAT geoqo DOT org) know and he'll help you get started.

icons for the GUI buttons are needed as well as a logo for GeoQO itself (for the web page)
Web page design
the main web page could certainly use improvements
extend the wiki, in particular the Tutorial section
Write Scripts
GeoQO and it's GUI is largely built on it's scripting ability. Scripts are fairly easy to write if you understand how GeoQO works.
Write Code Plugins
There are a lot of plugins that need to be written. Most plugins are very short and easy to write, but just need to be done.
Package Managers
When new releases are made, they need to be packaged for the various operating systems they should work on.
  • Windows: a windows installer is needed using the nsis installer system. Yamar has a beginning installer started but it has a long way to go.
  • MacOS X: not much work has been done yet to make it easy to install on OS X.
  • Linux Packages: Each linux system should ideally be able to pull in geoqo packages
    • Fedora
    • Ubuntu
    • Debian
    • ...
Eventually the GUI should have translations for other languages. If there is people interested in doing translations a translation mechanism can be fairly quickly implemented for the GUI.
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