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To install on windows, you'll need to perform 2 major steps: installing ActivePerl and then run the geoqo installer script.

Install ActivePerl

ActivePerl is the perl implementation for Windows. In order to run geoqo, you'll need an interpreter, and this is the easiest to install. Grab the latest windows version from:

The form to fill out on that page is optional , so can just hit "continue" if you want to skip it. Assuming you're running windows, you'll want to download the windows x86 MSI file on the next page. Save it and run the downloaded file to install Perl.

The installation should go smoothly, the only really important thing to make sure is the box that says something like "Add to path" is CHECKED.

Being windows, you may need to reboot or log off at least before continuing. Someone should verify this?

Get GeoQo

Once the perl installer finishes, download the latest version of geoqo:

Unzip it to whatever directory you'd like (I use Desktop\geoqo-1.11). Open the resulting folder and double click on the file (you may not see the .pl extension). Follow all the directions it provides you. It'll whip through a number of other installs required in order to get geoqo up and running (the next time you update geoqo, these won't need to be installed again).

Notes about GeoQO On Windows

Next, make sure you read Extra notes about Windows which provides additional "gotchas" about GeoQO on windows.

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